Karma Park Black Rose Photo: LMG Karma Park National Girl
Owned by Shannara Beresi
Karma Park Ivy Karma Park Royal Albert
Owned by Nikki & Jenni Gibson
Photo: Samantha Taylor
Karma Park Sensation Karma Park Bellagio
Owned by Naomi Brincau
Karma Park English Karma Park Fire Fox owned by Courtney Vale Karma Park Royal Silk Karma Park Easter Gift Karma Park English Photo: Christy Barker Karma Park Sky Dancer

Welcome to Karma Park Stud

The name Karma Park came from a desperation to try and not be involved with horses, however with horses in the blood, it became fate and destiny, and hence the name Karma Park evolved. In 2015 we decided to leave Keysbrook WA, after having been in Western Australia for 39 years, and move back to Victoria to Creightons Creek.

We currently stand two Riding Pony stallions at stud Wesswoods Raven Caste and Dainhill Royal Bow, both who have outstanding progeny including National and Grand National winners.  Read More About Us Here.